GZSZ stars Valentina Pahde and Rurik Gislason: The illusion of love continues… – PEOPLE

GZSZ stars Valentina Pahde and Rurik Gislason: The illusion of love continues... - PEOPLE

This relationship is a rollercoaster ride…

It was mysterious from the start and a bit complicated: the relationship between actress Valentina Pahde (27, GZSZ) and Icelandic footballer Rurik Gislason (33). They met each other on “Let’s Dance” in 2021, and fans quickly rummaged: There’s more going on between the two!

Both the dance stars keep a low profile regarding their official relationship status. Instead, they fool their fans around – rumors of a split, as well as rumors of a reconciliation, have been repeated over and over in recent months.

Super sexy and single again? GZSZ. Valentina Pahde became a TV star throughPhoto: valentinapahde/Instagram

BILD has now learned from people close to both of them that it is said that crisis has struck once again. A genuine love affair that leaves a lot of room for speculation…

In what fits that Valentina Kurz created a social media line: She unfollowed Rurik on Instagram a few days ago! In today’s influential world there is a clear indication that there is a crisis or the relationship is over.

The rumor mill was doing the rounds in November last year that the two might part ways. A few days later, however, they were again seen very familiarly and hand-in-hand on a walk in Düsseldorf.

And this time Valentina and Roerich surprised everyone again and made love anarchic. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, she posted a cute picture in which she was seen with a huge bouquet of red roses.

What makes Valentine so bright?  Maybe it's just a bouquet of roses... or the person behind the camera?

What makes Valentina so bright? Maybe it’s just a bouquet of roses… or the person behind the camera?Photo: ValentinaPahde / Instagram

how romantic! A love day token from Roerich? He’ll speak for it: She suddenly follows him on Instagram again!

Was there a minor love crisis between the former “Let’s Dance” stars that has been resolved? Maybe Valentina and Roerich just like to play hide and seek…

Neither Valentina nor Roerich wished to comment when asked by BILD. It certainly won’t be boring with these two.

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