Influencer boldly lies in camera

Influencer boldly lies in camera

Marvin Wildhage wants to find out if influencers advertise everything for screenshot youtube / marvin

Influencers are often subject to the prejudice that they advertise everything for the money – even if they don’t personally stand behind the product. Youtuber Marvin Wildhage wanted to find out if this was true.

So he produced an amateur, art-house-style mockumentary that didn’t make sense in terms of the content Instagram models were about to promote for him. Result: In fact, some influential people fell for the 25-year-old’s prank.

Youtuber Marvin stuns influencers

“A Hole” is said to be in theaters in 2023 and about “the hunt for the unstoppable hole that represents mortality” – the Youtuber promised at least in his email to various managements. “This is how all art house makers describe their films, which are absolutely nothing,” he said in his reveal video.

In fact, the thriller is completely meaningless. According to Marvin, the mysterious “hole” is a “butt hole”, also hidden on cinema posters.

“I’m very, very excited to see who will be advertising our little blockbuster,” the Youtuber continued. Because apart from Instagram accounts with fake followers, likes and comments, there is no trace of the film on the internet – neither information nor trailers about the director and actors.

Vanessa Miraposa promotes fake film

Within just ten minutes, Marvin received the first positive answer to his request: an Instagram model agreed to promote the suspect film and even appeared at the premiere at Berlin’s Zooplast.

And influencer Vanessa Mariposa also agreed to promote the strip in an Instagram story. The 29-year-old is no stranger to YouTuber, as last year she fell in for a very similar prank: Under the name “HydroHype,” Marvin gave the fitness model a skin cream from a fake brand.

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After discovering that the product was counterfeit and that the jar did not actually contain any “vegan organic skin cream” but a lubricating gel, the influencer apologized for his mistake and his advertising lie. She split from her management and assured that this would never happen again.

“test failed”

With that in mind, it’s even more surprising that Vanessa Mariposa praised “A Hole” on her Instagram Story just days after inking the endorsement deal.

Vanessa Miraposa has fallen for a counterfeit product in the past.

Vanessa Miraposa has fallen for a counterfeit product in the past.Image: screenshot Instagram/vanessa_miraposa

The model even went so far as to say that she had seen the film before anyone else — a shameless lie, because according to Marvin, the film wasn’t even finished production at the time of the Instagram story. “Test failed,” concluded the YouTuber and already teased the second part of his prank.


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