Aldi is running a new 1 Euro offer in its branches

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Aldi has a “full basket”, but the 1-euro offer should be viewed carefully by customers. A bargaining trap is imminent.

Aldi has a new campaign. With the 1-euro offer, customers should get a “full basket”. But you must be careful.

Super Bargain Offers at Aldi

If you want to eat healthy, you usually have to dig deep into your pocket. But at Aldi, customers are now getting a great deal, as here you can find fruits and vegetables in the campaign for just one euro.

What sounds so good, however, is also tantamount to some customers, as they ask themselves whether one can really save here or whether the offer is more than window dressing. When you look at typical prices, a few things are immediately apparent.

1 euro offer should save

According to Aldi, there should be real savings from the range of fruit and vegetables offered in the 1-euro campaign. Related products should be marked both in brochures and in the branches themselves.

So if you really want to save, you have to be careful when shopping to select specially marked items. In general, however, it is also fair to compare prices here. Also preferably on site, as fluctuations are possible at any time.

always a charm

According to the discounter chain, there are always other highlights to be had that are available for one euro. So it’s bananas, then celery, then avocado and so on. Other deals are also to be found in the fruits and vegetables department.

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Whether it’s bananas for 0.99 cents, 500 grams of lemon wedges for 0.85 cents, or other bargains. A look at prices is always worthwhile for Aldi customers, as special discounts are always possible.

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