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Rewe is introducing an innovation at checkout that is not well accepted by every customer. © Waldmüller/Imago; ImageBroker/Isai Hernandez/Imago; Collage: RUHR24

Rewe has introduced its customers to an innovation in checkout. Many customers are already understandably frustrated – for a variety of reasons.

Dortmund – Supermarkets Rewe, Aldi, Lidl & Co. are constantly trying to improve the shopping experience for their customers through changes and new offers. The new variety of vegetables is currently delighting many customers – but there's a catch. However, Reavey did not reach many customers with an innovation.

Rewe announces innovations at checkout: Customers first to complain about changes

“Abolish printed receipts!” is the advertising slogan in the Reeve advertisement. The grocer announced on its Facebook page that customers can now access receipts through the app or receive them by email.

However, if you want a paper receipt, you can still get one at checkout. The so-called “Rive Ebon” aims to save paper and contribute to environmental and climate protection (more information about supermarkets and discounters on RUHR24).

Why is it good for the environment to avoid traditional receipts?

Ordinary receipts are usually made of thermal paper that is coated with chemicals. “It's a special paper” that contains 0.5 to 3 percent color developer, which causes the paper to darken in a chemical reaction when exposed to temperature, the federal environmental agency explains. The color developer substances bisphenol A and bisphenol S are considered to be of “particular concern” for humans and the environment.

Source: Federal Environment Agency

Rewe introduces eBon as a receipt – this is how customers activate digital receipts

Due to questionable ingredients of Consumers must definitely dispose of receipts properly, explains heidelberg24, If you want to switch to digital payment receipts, you will need a customer account in the ReWay app or on the ReWay homepage. A smartphone is also necessary.

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The following steps are then required:

  • Open the Rewe app or log in to your Rewe customer account.
  • Activate eBon under “My Purchases”.
  • When shopping, scan the QR code in the app or on the homepage at checkout.
  • The receipt can then be viewed digitally under “My Purchases”. The receipt will also be automatically sent to the given email address.

Reeve's customers complain about Ebon: “One less reason to go to Reeve”

However, this innovation has not been well received by every customer, as can be seen from the reactions to the related Facebook post (26 March). Users criticize that this means that immediate control over purchases is no longer possible. However, one customer replied: “You can view and check the e-receipt immediately after checkout, which I do after every purchase.”

Requiring a Rewe app or customer account is drawing further criticism. One user writes, “Complete surveillance.” “One less reason to go to Reavey,” possibly referring to the release of personal data to which users must agree when registering. However, there are equally positive comments about eBons.

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For example, one user writes: “If you have e-bon, you receive your receipts by email and get a good overview of the house. If you require a receipt for warranty purposes etc., you can still get it printed on the site. Ebon is a benefit for anyone who wants to leave a receipt at our Reeve store. This saves a lot of paper.” As is often the case, opinions are divided. Ultimately, each customer can decide for himself what type of receipt he prefers.

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