Diving – Samuel Platt leaves for Canada

Diving - Samuel Platt leaves for Canada

NÖN: In a few days you will start in the World Cup. How does that sound to you?

Samuel Platt: very exciting. It’s a new chapter, I’d say. I’m already excited.

The World Cup is taking place in Canada, far away from home. Do you have any idea what to expect?

even: Not really, but I’m just hoping for the best. Of course, the coaches prepared us a little. I think there will be a lot of spectators, because the World Cup happens every two years, it is something special.

How big is the Austrian delegation?

even: There are five of us, four boys and one girl. Plus two coaches. Otherwise, all countries from China to Italy are represented there.

How long and how intensely did you prepare for this event in particular?

even: I started training again after the summer break. Since then I’ve actually trained seven times a week. Wednesday and Sunday are days off, so I train twice on Tuesday and Thursday. We added some units for the World Cup.

What’s the outlook for such a big moment? Trust the tried and tested that you can safely master? Or train new things and take risks with it?

even: We are already training new things which are definitely more difficult so you will get more points. But you should also take such jumps that you can and not just go for luck. So the middle way.

How much effort does it take to learn a new jump now compared to when you were in the beginning?

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even: It’s definitely getting harder and harder. It always takes more time to make the right jump.

You start with another three meter board. Is there a goal?

even: Just my jump coming down well, not leaping. And just to gain experience.

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