What Follows Cracker City Skylines?

What Follows Cracker City Skylines?

From thilo bear ,
As with Cities Skylines, a real grenade is now available for free from Epic Games. Now it is already clear which game will be next week.

It’s 5 p.m. Thursday and Epic Games is changing up its free game offerings. Matching the seventh birthday of the city building classic, today is the free game of the week.

Now Available: City Skylines in Base Game

We already informed that from today till 17.03.2020. 5 o’clock Epic Games is offering city skylines, The base game is available, originally released on March 10, 2015 and rated by nearly 140,000 reviewers on the competing platform Steam. The long-term rating is 93 percent and it shouldn’t be a coincidence that the Epic campaign begins today, seven years after its release. To coincide with today’s birthday, a birthday patch with version number 1.14.1-f2 and some goodies has also been released.

The game needs no introduction. Like in sim city, you plan your cities and get stuck in traffic. The main game of Huge Order is offered. To be fair, there’s a whole slew of add-on content that new addicted customers are hoping to acquire. The extra ingredients can quickly add up to a huge amount and all that is really not useful. Also, for many people, the game remains from mod support, which is controlled mainly through Steam. The offer is a clear recommendation to take a look at City Skylines and especially if you don’t want to use mods intensively. On the next page you can find out how things continue next week.

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