NASA: Mars mission – the “Simplicity” helicopter needs to be upgraded

NASA: Mars mission - the "Simplicity" helicopter needs to be upgraded

Washington. The Mars helicopter “Ingenuity” will have to bend its rotor blades even faster in the future. As the Red Planet’s atmosphere will thin out seasonally over the coming weeks, the mini-helicopter will have to sharpen its rotor blades even more to fly and stay in the air, US space agency NASA announced.

Because the mission of “Simplicity” (in German, for example: Simplicity) was originally planned for only about 30 days, some such test had never been conducted on Earth. During the helicopter’s next Mars flights, a careful attempt will be made before the rotor blades turn sharply.

“Simplicity”: Risky Maneuvers on Mars

During its 13th flight, the helicopter took a three-dimensional image of a hill about 10 meters in diameter on Mars, NASA also announced Friday.

“Simplicity” landed on Mars aboard the rover “Perseverance” (in German: Stamina) in late February with a risky maneuver. It first took off in mid-April, making it the first aircraft to fly to another planet. Since then the helicopter’s mission has been extended indefinitely.

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