More Safety, Better Look: Can LED headlights be retrofitted?

More Safety, Better Look: Can LED headlights be retrofitted?

New lighting technology in particular could make earlier cars out of date quickly. In addition, LED headlights are more durable and economical. And with higher brightness, they offer more protection. What about retrofitting?

led-Lamps shine brighter thus creating stronger contrast and a greater range. They also last longer and use less energy. They started their victorious march about 15 years ago auto – but only for a longer period in higher classes. It was many years before he entered the golf segment. This is the reason that even today many cars are running without LED. But in the meantime it can often be changed.

LED can be retrofitted

“Recently it has become possible to convert headlights to LED lights,” says Thomas Schuster of the KÜS specialist organization. However, so far there are only a few manufacturers that offer a legal system. And the number of cars for which these retrofit LEDs have been approved is also manageable. This would be difficult, especially with models before the turn of the millennium. However, the cost and effort have been kept within limits. A set of H7 LED lamps costs about 100 euros, an adapter and an additional control unit may also be needed. You pay around 200 euros in total.

IMPORTANT: The system of lamps and headlights used must be coordinated and checked – otherwise the light will not shine where it is. And then too bright LED light becomes dangerous.

What you should check before retrofitting

who is upgrading led Plans must first set the approval number on the headlights of the car. Four to five digits can be found on the housing and begin with “E”. This number is linked to the lamp manufacturers’ compatibility list (currently PHILIPS And osram) to determine the appropriate model and any accessories required.

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Providers’ websites also have a generic type of acceptance (ABG) that you should print out and keep in the car at all times. Incidentally, change acceptance is not necessary with subsequent entry.

Installation can be done on your own in many cars with a little manual skill. However, in most cases, the entire headlight unit has to be removed, which is complicated with some cars. You then swap out the H7 halogen bulb for an LED copy. You may need to install an adapter. If a control unit is required, it must be connected via the so-called CAN bus connector. Then affix a sticker on the headlight housing with the identification of the type approval. Then only one adjustment of the headlights is required in the car workshop.

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