Munich: Wants to put a solar system on your roof

Munich public utility company rejects Hedrun Hammerle's request for a solar roof
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The Munich Public Utility Company rejected Hedrun Hammerle’s request for a solar roof. © Achim Schmidt

During the energy crisis, many people are concerned with solar power. However, one woman experienced a photovoltaic disappointment – the Stadtwerke München does not cut a good figure.

Munich – Heidrun Hammerle tried it. Both Public Utilities (SWM), Because, as a loyal customer, he trusted the energy supplier. But his desire to install a solar system on the roof of his house in Obermenzing was rejected by SWM. The roof was “closely examined” on Google Maps and technical inspection revealed that the area that could be used for photovoltaics was too small, the SWM informed the applicant. “Unfortunately, we are currently unable to find a suitable installation partner.”

Munich and the energy crisis: domestic problems in expanding solar power?

Heidrun Hammerle was astonished. He did not expect this reprimand, although in a friendly tone. Especially since a solar roof was installed a long time ago for a neighbor with a house that is quite similar in construction – by a public utility company. The 57-year-old then received offers from private providers. with success. In October, Hammerley is to build a system with 20 modules and 8.2 kW on the roof.

According to the provider, partial shading, which SWM also cited as a reason for rejection, is not a problem as the adapter is used. Hamerley is surprised “that public utilities discourage private landlords in this way”. Especially at a time when the motto should be: “Every kilowatt hour counts.”

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Solar power in Munich: municipal utilities as drivers of the energy transition? clearly no

She is not alone in this criticism. Even the city council expressed dissatisfaction with the party. The speed of solar expansion in Munich is shown. The balance sheet is worrying. Public utilities like to present themselves as drivers of the energy transition. By 2025, they want to generate as much electricity from renewable energy as the whole of Munich consumes.

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Problem: The group invests too much in projects in Germany and elsewhere in Europe Munich But it looks blurry. DP has now requested that SWM increase its expansion goals for solar systems tenfold by 2025. According to the DP, according to current plans, only 1500 out of 840,000 Munich homes will be supplied with solar power.

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