Youtube introduces watermarks to downloaded shorts

Youtube introduces watermarks to downloaded shorts

Along with a short note on the support page, YouTube states that in the future a watermark will be added to all shorts created with YouTube Studio and then downloaded. It should indicate where the videos originally come from when they are uploaded to other platforms like TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat.

Youtube says about the benefit of intro, so that viewers can see they can also find short videos on Youtube Shorts. In fact, it may increase the pressure on creators to create different videos for different platforms. As of now, watermarks only appear on videos created and downloaded on the desktop. The labeling will also start rolling out to mobile devices in the coming months.

Many producers and influencers use their videos for multiple platforms at the same time, although these do not differ significantly in terms of requirements. After TikTok and Snapchat, Meta’s Instagram and Google’s YouTube have also created opportunities to present themselves through short videos. Content can be replicated for followers, and the platforms used can be exchanged. There are many ways for creators to monetize videos without doing anything else.

TikTok, the mother of short videos, has long added such watermarks to downloaded videos. The name of the creator also appears. Instagram then announced that it did not want to include the name reels of short videos bearing the TikTok watermark in offers. Recently it was also said that algorithms should give preference to originally created content.

Youtube Shorts last logged 1.5 billion monthly viewers, Youtube said in June. Should have had 30 billion views a day in April. TikTok, which is related to Bytedance, published in September 2021 that more than a billion users are logged in every month.

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