Corded and Cordless: These Vacuum Cleaners Work Well

Corded and Cordless: These Vacuum Cleaners Work Well

with cable and without cable
These vacuum cleaners work well

Some people can relax while they vacuum. For others, it’s more of a task. So it is even more important that the equipment performs well so that the effort is not wasted. Warentest shows which tools are really clean.

If you prefer to go ahead or don’t rely on artificial intelligence, you can ignore the vacuum robot, lend yourself a hand and deal with the dust and crumbs with a vacuum cleaner. It is available as a device without a tripping hazard with a cable or with a battery.

In fact in these two sections, Stitching Warrentest Let’s see once again what the devices are good for. Eight cordless handheld vacuum cleaners and six corded vacuum cleaners had to prove themselves on the test bench. At prices between 92 and 740 euros. The following test criteria were taken into account:

  • Is the vacuum cleaner convincing on both hard floors and carpets?
  • Does it vacuum the corners and edges well?
  • how well he cleans Takti,
  • Does the vacuum remove pet hair as well as dust?
  • How loud is the vacuum cleaner?
  • How much energy does it use?

Two good corded vacuum cleaners, one good with battery

Many models are so powerful that it is difficult to move with them on the carpet at home in full force. This is why test takers no longer complete the most important suction tests at full strength. Instead, the testers reduced their power so that they could push with a maximum of 35 Newtons without much effort.

And how did it go? In studies, many vacuum cleaners with cables present themselves as reliable workhorses. Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Couldn’t Last Long, In current testing, however, personal cordless vacuum cleaners were convincing with top cleaning results.

Two cable vacuum cleaners do their job “well”: namely “Bosch BGC41XSIL” for 275 euros and “Miele Boost CX1 Allergy SNCF0” (279 euros). If you only need a vacuum cleaner for hard floors, you can get away with the loud “Philips 3000” (“satisfactory”, grade 2.6) for very cheap (119 euros). None of the cable vacuum cleaners were rated worse than “satisfactory”. This also applies to the cheapest model in the test, the “Bissell Smart Clean” for 92 euros.

When it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners, only the “Bosch BSS825CARP” gets a “good” rating. However, 600 euros for the device is not cheap at all. The loser in the test is the wireless “Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Lite MJWXCQO3DY”. he is with me About 110 euros is cheap, but sucks so badly that it’s only enough for the “poor”.

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