Season 5 Officially Announced + Teaser Image – Anime2You

Season 5 Officially Announced + Teaser Image - Anime2You

on the officer Twitter account Anime adaptation of »Date a Live« released today announcedThat the series would continue with the fifth season.

More details pending

Specific details regarding the fifth season of the anime adaptation, such as the production or start date involved, have yet to be determined at the present time. The first teaser image, drawn by Light Novel illustrator Sunako, can be found later in this article.

»Date a Live« consists of four seasons so far, of which the fourth season, which was produced by Jun Nakagawa at Geek Toys Studio, ended with the twelfth episode in Japan today. In Germany, the season finale will air tonight at 11:30 ProSieben MAXX Be visible.

Publisher Animoon Publishing Acquired the license for all four seasons and released the first three seasons on DVD and Blu-ray with German and Japanese voiceovers. Disc releases for the fourth season will begin in November 2022. Pre-orders are already possible.

Pre-Order Season Four:
>> Volume 1 (DVD , blue Ray,
>> Volume 2 (DVD , blue Ray,
>> Volume 3 (DVD , blue Ray,

teaser image:


Shidou Itsuka has a problem. The world has been plagued by large earthquakes of unknown origin for years, but life goes on. Then one day, Shidou’s quiet life comes to an end when, in the midst of an earthquake in his town, he meets a girl who appears to be a ghost – and the cause of all destruction!

When a team arrives to eliminate the menace, Shidou becomes embroiled in a battle to protect these souls – to make them love her…!

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