Sony and Bungie will set up a direct service center for the franchise after the acquisition closes

Sony and Bungie will set up a direct service center for the franchise after the acquisition closes

something got lost there Sony Investor Relations Report Last Weekmade us aware again by reset to default, the company plans to achieve the Bungie acquisition target. Deal not over yet, platform owner Expect the ink to dry by the end of the yearand is already working on an integration plan for Luck Developer.

Well, you know, the Japanese giant wants to use the studio’s expertise to advance its live service game, from where Plan to do 12 things at once by 2025. It is currently working independently on these games within the PlayStation Studio infrastructure, but intends to integrate all of Bungie’s knowledge into all of its work after about a year.

The goal is to create a new internal department called the SIE Live Service Center of Excellence that can take advantage of all live service addresses to ensure best practices are followed. it’s worth thinking about Bungie will keep its independenceso will continues to publish its own games across all platforms, but will also play an active role in shaping the philosophy behind Sony’s live service projects.

Interestingly, the owner of the platform wants to learn from Bungie within three months of closing the deal, so it’s clear here that he really appreciates the design principles that helped shape and build the Destiny game. . Ultimately, the SIE Live Service Center of Excellence is tasked with reviewing critical aspects such as monetization of both outbound and inbound titles.

It’s clear that a large section of the PlayStation fanbase is very concerned about this new live service approach, though it’s important to remember that no games have actually been announced — they can be wonderful. Live service titles are notoriously difficult to maintain, so it looks like the company is at least taking things seriously if that’s the business model they want to flag.

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