2.2 km at a height of 100 meters: French high wire artist breaks world record

2.2 km at a height of 100 meters: French high wire artist breaks world record

2.2 kilometers at an altitude of 100 meters
French high wire artist breaks world record

He wanted to show Mont-Saint-Michel “a different way”: at an altitude of 100 meters, high-wire artist Nathan Palin balanced 2.2 kilometers towards the famous rocky island in Normandy, setting a new world record in the process. . But the French are already dreaming of the next, even longer route.

French high-wire artist Nathan Paulin balanced a 2.2-kilometer slackline at 100 meters on the famous rocky island of Mont-Saint-Michel. According to his team, he made a new world record. “It was a very intense experience,” Palin said after her arrival. He wanted to “show the island in Normandy in northern France in a different way”.

Palin set her previous record in 2017.

(Photo: Picture Alliance/DPA/MaxPPP)

A two-centimeter wide band stretched between a cranium and Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey on the mainland. Dressed in jeans and a blue and white striped T-shirt, Palin was barefoot and wearing a seat belt. The weather remained calm during their performance after gusts of strong wind just before the start. “It’s a wonderful place that has always fascinated me,” said the 28-year-old, who wants to steer the route in the other direction with Abhay behind him.

his next dream? “I would like to do the same thing between the Eiffel Tower and the Montparnasse Tower, which is 2.7 kilometers,” he says. He acknowledged that it was a significant technical challenge.

Palin has already set several world records and has already twice walked the rope stretched across the Seine between the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero in Paris. He set his previous record in 2017, when he ran a total of 1662 meters on the Cirque de Navacelles gorge at a height of 300 meters, as reported by the French newspaper “20 Minutes”. However, the record will have been surpassed by several other tightrope walkers, who covered more than 2130 meters in northern Sweden in 2021.

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