4 Physiological Changes With Age That Are Very Beneficial

4 Physiological Changes With Age That Are Very Beneficial

3. less sleep

We love sleeping, but it takes too long! While children still need up to 13 hours of sleep, the need for sleep decreases with age. The reason? During the development of our body, but also during the maturation of the brain, we need a lot of energy and regeneration time. Therefore, teenagers should get up to 10 hours of sleep at night. In old age, 7 hours is easily enough to feel well rested – what a time saver that is!

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4. We are more relaxed

Everyone knows this – children do not go from one room to another, they run. Sitting on the couch and just looking at a book? Sometimes! It’s bouncing, jumping, whistling. The younger we are, the more energy we have. This is not only with us humans, but also with animals – for example with dogs or cats, who are much more playful as young animals.

Of course it’s great to be full of energy and drive! However, such a part of peace is somehow also very pleasant and above all it is good for the mind. You get nervous less quickly, are less irritable, become much more patient and can focus for longer periods of time. The older we get, the less we allow ourselves to be stressed – which has a lot of healthy effects on our bodies. If you still pay attention to enough healthy exercise in the fresh air, then you are doing everything right now.

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