Virologist Norbert Novoti: widespread vaccination against monkeypox is not necessary

Virologist Norbert Novoti: widespread vaccination against monkeypox is not necessary

According to virologist Norbert Novoti, education is more important than widespread vaccination against monkeypox. This contact is sufficient for individuals. However, he also expects more cases to emerge in Europe in the future and has warned of a more aggressive Central African strain of the virus.

Italy has launched a vaccination campaign against monkeypox in the general population. In the PULS 24 interview, virologist Norbert Nowotny is convinced that this is not necessary in Austria. “Because 95 percent of all infections affect gay men with frequently changing sexual partners”. For this group targeted education is far more important than more widespread vaccination. If this is successful, it would be sufficient to vaccinate the contact persons of the sick, as is currently being done. Austria has its vaccine.

three weeks from infection to outbreak

“The small problem with monkeypox is that the incubation period, the time from infection to onset of illness, can be up to three weeks.” Therefore an infected person should remember three weeks in advance and name his contact persons. “If you vaccinate these people on time, that should be enough.” However, Novoti fears that Enlightenment may not be effective enough.

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Worldwide still too few vaccines

People who have received the classic smallpox vaccination are 85 percent safe, either they are not infected at all or their course is very weak. The vaccination that is available now also protects very well, but there is not enough vaccine around the world. “Therefore, the vaccine should be used for those who need it,” says the virologist.

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Central African tribes significantly more aggressive

Nowotny is certain that we will see more cases of monkeypox in our country in the future, as more human cases also occur in endemic areas of Africa. Monkeypox was not actually a sexually transmitted disease before, but it has now become one. “We have a West African tribe here,” Novotny explains. This is fortunate, as the mortality rate is as high as one percent, while the Central African virus strain is much more aggressive.

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