4 warning signs that your body needs protein

4 warning signs that your body needs protein

4 warning signs that your body needs protein

1. Food Craving

If you regularly feel hungry or crave food in between main meals, a low supply of protein may be to blame. Because proteins enjoy a certain special position among the three macronutrients. Unlike carbohydrates and fats, our body carefully ensures that we get enough protein from our food. This phenomenon is also called protein hungry or known as the protein effect: our body signals us to “hungry” until we’re nearly 15 percent Our daily energy needs are met with protein. The desire to get enough protein has already been found in many scientific studies. experiments And Studies have been shown. In these, meals with different protein content are usually put together and served to test subjects. Whereas in protein-rich dishes, satiety occurs relatively quickly and participants stop eating. Is it the exact opposite with a protein-thin meal: Test subjects: Continue to eat inside until their appetite for protein is satisfied.

Tip: Therefore you should cover at least 15 percent of your energy needs with protein to prevent hunger pangs – that would be 2000 calories per day. 70 to 80 grams of protein.

2. Your Muscles Atrophy

If you stop making progress in weight training, or if your muscles are getting smaller and weaker, your diet may be to blame. Because muscle protein consists of fiber and water, an adequate supply of protein from the outside is essential to maintain and build muscle. for one effective muscle building After intense strength training sessions, our bodies are all they need. essential amino acids – The components that make up high quality proteins. Therefore lean animal protein sources such as poultry, eggs or low-fat milk are especially useful for our body. However, vegetable proteins are comparable to animal proteins if they are put together in suitable combinations throughout the day, for example soy yogurt for breakfast is an excellent addition to the amino acids in wholemeal bread for dinner. If you lack such a high-quality vegetable protein combination or animal protein, your muscles may stop growing well or even break down.

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