Festival Program: Brecht Festival Wants a Scene in Virtual Space

Festival Program: Brecht Festival Wants a Scene in Virtual Space

Tom Kühnel and Jürgen Kutner switched to a digital format on short notice. However, it will premiere every evening from 26 February to 7 March.

What is Brecht Festival in Augsburg! Festival organizers Jürgen Kutner and Tom Kühnel are presenting 23 network premieres in the digital edition this year, as it was refreshing from the oven. Videos, clips, audio pieces and reports that have been broadcast online every evening from 26 February to 7 March have been completed. “You’ve got your own, new look and made a program that is a great spectacle”, praised two Berlin colleagues at the press conference on Friday, Augsburg State Director André Buker.

The organizers of the festival promise everything to the audience, who are already eagerly waiting. In any case, according to Elke Seidell, head of the culture department, twelve tickets went on the first day of the advance sale. There will be theater, music, comedy, crime, cinema, word arts and creative somewhere in between. By the way, Burned Zander is
Gone, estimated his recordings at 70 recordings of the Bolshevik Spa Chapel and made a film with him. The puppets Irina Rastogueva (“Have you heard of Carol?”) And Suse Wachter (“20th century heroes sing Brecht”) mediate Bibi and the women around her with their puppet theater.

The spotlight is on Bertolt Brecht’s staff

In terms of content, this year the festival will focus on the artists and staff of Bertolt Brecht. In doing so, Kuttner and Kuhnel seek to dispel the notion that they were women in the poet’s bond. Instead, independent artistic personalities are revealed among the women around Jürgen Kutnar Brecht. So did Helen Weigel, Elizabeth Hontmann, Margaret Breffin and Ruth Berlau, as well as other women who belong to Brecht, such as Carola Neher, Marielis Flair, Simone Gill and Ing Müller.

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Bernadette La Hengst is “wild about Brecht”.

Picture: Stancil Funk

Actress Stephanie Rinsparger ties her texts to the film “Itch Bin Ein Drake”. As a compact show for those in a hurry, Vinnie Bowe and Felix Kroll performed the song “Happy End” about the Salvation Army girl in Chicago’s Gangster Millieu. Corinna Harfouch revives the revolutionaries with Brecht’s “The Mother” and Simone Weill’s “Diary of the Factory Worker”. In “Helene No. 0”, Augsburg Bluespots Productions dive into a world of apparently anti-female silents with Brecht’s poems. In a visual collage, The Theater Assembly portrayed Ruth Berleau as a revolutionary on the theater front. Correspondence between Charlie Hubner and Lina Beckman gives a close insight into a special duet from the correspondence between Helen Weigel and Burt Brecht.

The festive pass costs twelve euros, as a solidarity ticket it can be even higher

Brecht’s live music from the Textile Museum stars Charlotte Brandi, Balbina and Banda Internationale with Bernadette La Hengst, who first discovered BB in 2020. Also well known are the Dakh daughters from Kiev, whose concert videos take viewers on a date with Brekht, feminism and political songs. Young musicians from Augsburg and Munich came to Brecht Festival under the name “Snapped”. Girisha Fernando, curator of the concert, will participate in the slam performance “You must not eat bread”. Even cellist Frank Wolff has his part with “Tanz den Brecht”. Meanwhile, Ben Hartmann and Johannes ended up with their festival contributions to the obscene sonnets of Au Brecht. According to Burt-Brecht-Chris head Michael Frederick, “outstanding contributions” to the creative competition come from the Grammar School near St. Stephens.

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Brechtfits 2021 will be fully digital. Festival organizers Tom Kuhnel (left) and Jürgen Kutner decided to return in October.

Picture: Fabian Schreyer

Festival organizers Kuhel and Kutner themselves converted the premiere of Heiner Müller’s “Media Material” from stage to video format with three actresses from the Augsburg State Theater. Buicker, the artistic director, said that colleagues were very excited about the rehearsal. The digital format should have as much theater environment as possible. This is why the festival ends every day with an “Airmat Talk”, which encounters participants directly. For the first time Brecht Festival can be seen worldwide. For the city of Augsburg, Brexut, it could be an advantage in prestige.

Of course, first-class culture does not exist for free. The festival costs twelve euros for every day, and more can be given as a solidarity ticket, said cultural consultant Jürgen Anninger. all the information: www.brechtfestival.de

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