Student kills his family before graduation

Student kills his family before graduation

Walk around instead of studying

Menhaz Zaman’s family in Canada thought he was going to graduate from York University as an engineer. But it did not go as expected. Zaman stunned through exams, dropped out of courses, and eventually dropped out of college. He did not tell his parents anything. Instead, he spent his time in a mall, in the gym, and played video games. In the end he made a fatal decision.

Family murdered with crow

In fact, July 28, 2019 should have been one of the most beautiful days of Menhaz Zaman’s life. It would have been the day he graduated from university. Instead, the 24-year-old wiped out his family the day before. According to “Sun”, Zaman first killed his mother and an hour later cut his grandmother’s throat. He then sat around “playing video games and taking naps” waiting for his sister and father to come home.

According to the prosecutors, the autopsy revealed that both of them died after hitting the head with an object. It can be assumed that it was a crown. Then Zaman is said to have cut his throat.

Canadian student: “I’m a coward”

After the fact, the 24-year-old wrote to his friends on an online gaming platform that he had just killed his family. He had planned the act for three years because he should not notice that he dropped out of his studies. Zaman also posted pictures of the dead. When asked why he did not kill himself, he replied, “I am a coward and do not believe later. That is why I am dying. That is why I wanted them to die so that no one else would know.” ” Am I a wretched scum? The players informed the police, who arrested Zaman at his family’s home.

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Zaman said in court: “I’m not sure who will accomplish this, but I just want to apologize to all those who have negatively affected my actions, especially those who are my family and friends and loved ones. To whom I know. ” Excuse me. “The prosecution sought 15 years imprisonment for killing her mother and 25 years for each of the other three acts. The verdict is scheduled to come in November.

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