That’s why the relationship with Alex Jolig failed

That's why the relationship with Alex Jolig failed

They were a couple for just four months. In November 2000, Alex Jolig split from his girlfriend, Jenny Elvers. She now talks openly about the reasons for the amazing love.

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took 2000 alex jolie As an unknown in the first season of “elder brothertook part. After 69 days he left the container as a star. Back in freedom, the then 37-year-old fell in love with the ten-year-old Jenny Elvers, They became the couple to appear together on the red carpet for the first time in May 2000. Soon after, the former Heath Queen was pregnant. But the love affair started even before the birth of the son.

Alex Jolig and Jenny Elvers: The two were a couple in the early 2000s. (Source: Imago Images/Henry H. Herrmann)

Yes, as soon as their love started, it ended as soon as possible. When the then pub owner broke up with her in November 2000, Jenny Elvers was in her sixth month. He came to know about his separation from TV. Feather “RTL Exclusive” Alex Jolig announced the end of their relationship at the time – without first talking to his girlfriend about it.

In an interview with “Build” he explained that Jenny would do everything “to be the center of attention”. He no longer plays the violin at all. “At the same time, she put me on a short leash and was morbidly jealous.”

“Those were special times then”

This is 20 years from now. Today Jenny Elvers can sense separation. “It was a special time then,” she said in an interview with news agency Spot On News. “He was brand new to the business, I was a longtime actress and public figure. Alex was busy and didn’t really have much room to get to know each other.”

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The everyday life of the couple has never been together. Both tried their best, but failed in the end. In his opinion, the reason for the affair was “lack of communication”. He also noticed that during the shooting of “Major Separated”. Jenny Elvers and Alex Jolig are taking part together in a new reality format of RTL, which can be seen on TV from February 22.

Jenny Elvers with her ex-boyfriend's new wife, Brit Jolig, sons Paul Jolig and ex Alex Jolig.  (Source: Imago Images / C. Tamke / Future Images)Jenny Elvers with her ex-boyfriend’s new wife, Brit Jolig, sons Paul Jolig and ex Alex Jolig. (Source: Imago Images / C. Tamke / Future Images)

“Of course I was very hurt after the breakup. It just takes a while to push it aside, but you don’t forget that much,” Elvers continued. “But we said we’d start all over again without the old stuff. We’d let the drawers go. At some point we made a cut under all these old sayings because it didn’t help. What should it replace anyway?” Meanwhile, Jenny Elvers and Alex Jolig have a good relationship, are friends and even go on vacation together.

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