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Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Gruenheide, Germany and the US state of Texas are almost vying for which one can provide more interesting images. Apparently the recently produced Model Ys have often been spotted in front of both of them – in Texas Dozens of them and last Friday carefully packed in plastic, At the site of the German Gigafactory, however, an observer filmed a few hundred of them over the weekend – and one of these German Model Ys very closely.

360 Model Y by air, one by ground

Texas factory supposedly According to Tesla, the first Model Y will be available to customers this quarter to produce. There is no such concrete statement for German, but providing the necessary approvals should be close as well. In any case, it appears to be increasing the already permitted test production of the 2000 Model Y. In a video by supervisor Tobias Lind from the weekend, there are again rows of such electric cars on the site, almost all black and some white – with these colors and in the performance version, the German series is said to begin production.

Lind had already filmed a bunch of new Teslas at the Gigafactory site off the air in January and counted about 160 at the time. In his new video There should also be 360s, that is, in a jiffy more numbers have never been seen there. Also perhaps for the first time, another local observer had the opportunity to observe and photograph one of these Model Ys directly from the ground instead of a drone.

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The Flybrandenburg channel explains this in its YouTube video out this Sunday. He was given permission to take photographs of the Model Y from the Grunheide factory, he writes in a text overlay in front of the photographs, without going into much detail about the circumstances. However, those who had hoped for German perfection in production at Brandenburg will be disappointed for some time: the close-up black Tesla Model Y shows several spots on the display that do not drive parallel gaps between body elements or an asymmetrical fit. , for example the frank hood.

Does Tesla want more pre-approvals?

However, the fact that the Model Y hasn’t been washed speaks against the fact that Tesla wanted to present a sample copy from its German factory here. It is possible that the close-up photographs should be interpreted as the preparation of an application for advance approval for trial production of more electric cars in Grunheide. Good At the end of 2021, Tesla allowed 250 Model Ys in advance And this year, in terms of their unsatisfactory quality so far, 2000 more, which in the meantime are also likely to reach approx. In any case, Tesla will still have time to practice and adjust, as evidenced by the Federal Emissions Control Act, before final approval and then further evidence. German Model Y cannot be sold to customers Will.

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