Vanessa Mai: Night SMS from Sydo | Entertainment

Vanessa Mai: Night SMS from Sydo |  Entertainment

What’s Going On Between The Bully Rapper And The Hit Beauty?

that Vanessa MaiI (30) and sido (41) Getting to know each other should not be a new thing for many. Eventually, the two collaborated on their song “Happy End”.

But how exactly this collaboration went and what bizarre situation it came about, the pop singer revealed in her now-TV documentary “Vanessa Mae – My Time Is Now.”

In it she unpacks: she receives a nighttime SMS from the rapper and several times trembles before Sydo’s rebuke.

Vanessa is one of the most successful German pop singers, but her collaboration with Sydow proved that she is musically diverse.

Photo: vanessa.mai/Instagram

How did this happen? The collaboration between the two artists began quite late with a text message from Sido. Vanessa revealed: “At some point in the night she texted me: Let’s have a call.” Vanessa took the night’s invitation very seriously and a few moments later traveled to Berlin for a meeting.

But when she arrived in the studio, the pop singer began a painful wait that ended in despair. Vanessa says: “We went to the studio, Sido didn’t. We waited an hour and at some point it was too much for us.” Ouch!

The stern reprimand from rapper to Schlager Beauty? At least these thoughts tormented a frustrated Vanessa when she headed home after an unsuccessful meeting, as Sydow could no longer be reached on her cell phone.

But Vanessa’s fears of being discharged turned out to be completely unfounded, as the rapper immediately later sent an apology SMS: “I’m so sorry, I fell asleep.”

They should be glad that the text messages between Vanessa and Sydo were purely commercial: Vanessa's husband Andreas Ferber

Vanessa Mai with husband Andreas Ferbe

Photo: Instagram/vanessa.mai

Vanessa fell a real stone from her heart, as she exits in the documentary: “I was so relieved because I really thought he let me sit and then laughed his ass at me as I was in the studio for an hour. was sitting.”

And the duo’s successful song should have been a worthy compensation for the frustration waiting for Vanessa to finally…

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