Cancel WoW Subscription – It Works Like This

Cancel WoW Subscription - It Works Like This

Sometimes you just don’t feel like playing wah and that’s totally understandable. Especially in times of financial uncertainty, but something completely different, there are many WoW customers every day who toy with the idea of ​​canceling their WoW membership. And it’s so easy! We give you an overview below!

You can cancel your WoW subscription by logging into your account using your browser of choice. Once this is done, click on your username in the upper right corner and then click on “Account Settings”, which you can access via the gear icon. You will then end up in your account management. From the navigation bar on the left, go to Games & Subscriptions. All Blizzard games and their account status are displayed there. Click “Cancel Account” for the Wow subscription you want to cancel, which will then take you to a website where you can cancel a Wow subscription.

very nice (buy now , Remains playable until your first paid game time expires, which means you will not be reimbursed for game time. If at some point you decide to go back to a subscription or add game time to your account using credits, the order can take up to 24 hours to complete – so if you start playing right away Don’t be surprised if you can’t. further information help pages can be found at,

Cancel the “Other” WOW subscription

Sky Ticket has been called WOW since July 2022, and many of you may have gotten a WOW subscription to watch the House of the Dragon series or other highlights. Well, the Game of Thrones prequel series is just over, the season finale is over and you must be wondering, do I want to keep my WOW subscription?

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If not, rejoice! Because WOW membership is flexible, you can order or cancel the subscription whenever you want. To do this go to the WOWTV website and log in. Once done, go to “My Subscriptions” and click “Cancel Subscription” to cancel your WOW subscription. Subscriptions currently cannot be canceled through the WOW app!

However, there are a few notes: If you have recently made changes to the subscription, the option to cancel may not appear. This is related to the fact that the change has not been posted or fully processed by the system. However, in most cases, these procedures should be completed within an hour. You may cancel your WOW subscription at any time on the last day of the term; You will not be reimbursed financially for the remainder of the term. You can get more information on WOWTV website,

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