A Big Surprise for Marcus Schuler

eine mega Überraschung für Marcus Schuler

It was a huge surprise for Marcus Schuler when he saw guests on our show. Michael intentionally didn’t tell her about it.

There were two great guests with Jörg Schieb and Christian Fuss. Jörg was able to come across as a Windows 95 expert early in the show, while Marcus was overjoyed about Christian. Christian’s father and Marcus have SWR Worked with. So now it was a big surprise to have his son on the stream.

The theme of this edition of the show, which we did from Marcus Haus’s roof, was again WWDC, Marcus was live at Apple Park during the presentation. We couldn’t replicate all of the themes of the very packed Keynote, but it was still exciting to talk about macOS, iOS, CarPlay, and the M2 chip.

Overall it was a good show in California. Special props go to Christian, who sat right where Michael switched Jasper on the show in 2018.

So we all had a good morning in California and I hope the audience in Europe had a great evening.


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