A heated room for 0 euros: Heroes of the Warmth from the Ahar Valley | regional

A heated room for 0 euros: Heroes of the Warmth from the Ahar Valley |  regional

Ahrweiler – 1000 air conditioning systems against the cold, is the motto of Marco Eckel (45), head of the air conditioning company Eckert & Stuck from Rodgau (Hesse). Not many people know: the air conditioning system can not only cool the room, but also heat it. And they can do this even when the temperature outside is minus 15 degrees.

Steffi Bodenberg (29) supports Marco Eckel with applications and organization

Photo: Fredrik von Erichsen

“Air conditioners can heat up to four times as effectively and are much more energy-efficient than fan heaters or electric heaters,” explains the assistant from the start.

Just two days after the flood, Eckel drove a vehicular convoy with 7 tons of relief material, donated by roadgoers, to the flood area. This was followed by other relief efforts.

When the temperature dropped once in August, it became clear that it would soon cool down and that the next catastrophe was here.

Eckel and his colleagues asked air conditioning providers to donate equipment.

Fitters come in from all over Germany to install the equipment on site free of charge, through the Guild for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. The total value of this action is 3.5 million euros.

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A resident is applying from Marco Eckel to heat his small room

Photo: Fredrik von Erichsen

Affected people just need to fill out a simple form and get a signature from the owner, if required. Then you get the system for free and built to last, practically as a gift.

BILD comes with two fitters Erika Sonnenstedter (60), where they install the 578th air conditioning system. Your house in the beautiful center of Ahrweiler looks like a ruin on the ground floor.

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Erica Sonnenstedter (60) reflects on the current state of her bathroom on the ground floor, which was renovated only three years ago.

Photo: Fredrik von Erichsen

She talks about the night of the flood: “At first we still hoped that our city wall would keep out the flood as usual. But suddenly the streets were flooded, the city gates could not bear the rush of water. My husband tried to push himself against the front door, but he came in from behind. We ran to the first floor. But the water slowly started rising up the stairs.”

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Climbing the stairs in half an hour, the water reached the first floor, the first floor was flooded

Photo: Fredrik von Eriksson, Private

Fortunately, the first floor was saved, but the house was initially not habitable. Erica Sonnenstadter and her husband stayed with the daughter. Now she is happy with the heated room on the first floor, next week if electricity comes, the couple will return to their home.

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Marco Grunwald (38) extends flexible pipe for a connection

Photo: Fredrik von Erichsen

Marco Grunwald (38): “I’m always here for a maximum of four days to work. Although I’m quite a tough dog, the stories of those affected drive me away. Take, for example, a young woman who still lives on the roof But was able to save herself, told me how she ended her life. Or the one who waved her neighbor across the street from the window would sweep the whole house away. You just don’t get on with it. “

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