Derailed circadian rhythm promotes cancer

Derailed circadian rhythm promotes cancer

When the biological clock fails

Many processes in our bodies, such as metabolism, are linked to ourbiological clock“Paired. So-called circadian rhythm Follows the natural day-night cycle. According to a recent study, interruptions in this process seem to tumor growth taking sides.

researchers of Wilmot Cancer Institute University of Rochester and Scripps Research Institute California (USA) has a significant relationship between disturbed circadian rhythm And this Lung tumor development searched for. The results were recently published in the renowned journal “science advance” Presented.

Internal clock controls the sleep-wake cycle

The circadian rhythm or “biological clock” is a major mechanism in the body that sleep-wake cycle regulated. Many cells in an organism are on it internal clock aligned.

Circadian rhythm affects the disease

It was already suggested in previous studies that diseases are favorable when this rhythm is disturbed. For example, it turned out that internal clock-dependent fat build-up is or Asthma severity influenced by biological clock becomes.

The lungs are specifically linked to the internal clock

Latest research results now show for the first time that disruption of the body clock a gene called HSF1 is affected by development of lung tumors is included.

as a relation with asthma showed that the lungs are exclusively dependent on circadian rhythms. Disturbances in this system are especially clearly manifested in the lungs.

Genetic changes in internal clock disorders

The working group was able to document in rats that a unbalanced circadian rhythm with Altered HSF1 Signaling Comes with. It appears to play a role in the formation of a previously unknown mechanism lung cancer to play.

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At the same time, the discovery represents a new potential point of attack For the treatment of lung cancer.

Although the study was done in rats, the participating scientists emphasize that there is much more evidence from other studies linking disruption of circadian rhythms to other studies. Tumor development in humans keep in touch

,Everything points in the same direction”Study co-authors emphasizes Dr. Brian Altman from the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Why is good sleep important for health?

According to him, the results may be particularly relevant to those who are irregular sleep time are affected because, for example, under sleep disorders suffer or in night shifts Work.

The study provides further evidence that restful sleep Makes an essential contribution in maintaining our health. Learn also about the causes of insomnia Tips to improve sleep quality can be found in the article “Sleep problems – causes, symptoms and treatment“. (VB)

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