A safe place for neurodivers

A safe place for neurodivers

Everything is possible with inclusive health. The new facility in Framingham reduces barriers and raises the bar for the neurodiverse community.

“Inclusive fitness is like before,” founder Greg Austin said. He says, “It’s not at all what we call an adaptive gym. It’s basically a combination of three things: the right people, the right programming, and the right place where your different people, ie autism or Down syndrome Or people with other types of neurological disorders actually do high-quality exercise. Consistent.

The entire concept is inspired by Austin’s 15-year-old son Lucas.

Lucas’s mother Christina says: We have always had a very active family. And we came to know that when we are active, we are better people, partners and Lucas’ parents. And we found that other families with children with autism or Down syndrome did the same. “”

Getting to the gym or exercising was not always easy, but Lucas loved being active.

Christina emphasizes that the activities are more than just movement. “After his first triathlon and children’s triathlon, he packed his things and drove to the car. And he stopped and said, “I can do anything.” And he just felt such a great sense of pride, accomplishment, and just feeling, “This, the world is open to me. I can do so many different things.”

Inclusive fitness has changed the lives of many other athletes, including 24-year-old Jordan.

Greg says, “He had never trained before and now he is an absolute machine when it comes to training.” You can’t stop them. “”

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Your mother agreesWe have spent most of our life shaving the square to fit this round hole. And then you come to the place where there is no question of IF or he can fit it because it is everywhere. “”

Austin plans to open additional centers in the Boston area over the next two to three years.

And inclusive fitness is not just a place where neurodiverse people can train.

“I don’t know if you know, but people like our son Lucas have an unemployment rate of 90% or more. And we want this to be a place where people can work and earn a good income,” says Greg Huh.

To learn more about inclusive fitness, see inclusivefit.net

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