A YouTube video suddenly features the first images from the new game • JPGAMES.DE

A YouTube video suddenly features the first images from the new game • JPGAMES.DE

With Yakuza: Like a Dragon, the popular Yakuza series did things differently. Kazuma Kiryu gave way to Ichiban Kasuga and had a turn-based combat system. in future Fans can also hope for other cities and countries,

Now the first Yakuza 8 content has arrived relatively suddenly. Famitsu refers to a video of Mikuru Asakura’s YouTube channel, a martial artist and MMA fighter. He visited the Ryu ga Gotoku studio and also produced some illustrations from Yakuza 8.

As Famitsu writes, Mikuru Asakura will be part of Yakuza 8. We also see Ichiban Kasuga sporting a new hairstyle. As does police officer Koichi Adachi and Ichiban’s best friend Yue Nanba. Whether Ichiban Kasuga is the hero again is an open question.

Asakura poses as a Yakuza fan and Sega president Haruki Satomi joins the tour. One can assume that the appointment of James 8 was intentional. Otherwise the Japanese media would be more cautious about such videos.

video and famitsu item Some more details about Jacob 8 are ready. So the object of the game is to take us to a new place. Is this a place outside Japan? we will see. Below are the video and some picture excerpts from the video.

Yakuza 8 hasn’t been officially announced yet. So whether it will be called ‘Yakuja 8’ is still an open question. Logically, there is no platform information or even a release period.



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Artwork: Yakuza 8, Sega, Ryu ga Gotoku Studio

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