Days-Gone creators had ideas for a resistance game with an open world, but Sony turned it down •

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As Directotr Jeff Ross reports, Sony was not interested in ideas for a Days Gone sequel at the time. Instead, the team presented an idea for an open world resistance game to its superiors, which was also rejected. Sony threw a reboot of the siphon filter across the room—as Ross believes, but only as a pure activity.

That, and some other information about how plans for a second day came to nothing, the former Sony employee explained in a YouTube video. In it you can follow game developer David Jaffe in a video call with Ross and his colleague John Garvin (who, however, is holding back on the topic). In it, the latter reports that Sony gave the impression at the time that Days Gone was a flop, although it did not sell so badly and apparently blocked all further ideas in this direction.

“I think it was dead on arrival,” Ross explains of a possible Sequel proposal for Days Gone, While the team was still working on a pitch for a successor, Ross already had a feeling he didn’t really want to. Opinions of his Days Gone plans were apparently heavily influenced by the first game. According to Ross, the evaluation of the superiors “came from the point of view: the first part failed in many ways and did not sell well.”

So Sony suggested alternatives to the team, such as a reboot of Siphon Filter, which didn’t interest Ross: “They asked us: Hey, how about a Siphon Filter reboot…?” He further explains that it was apparently just an emergency solution to take the Sony franchise out of the cap to use: “It was just a question – ‘Do we have other IPs and are we capable?’ And we only had siphon filters, but honestly I did not know how to revive the siphon filter, I was not interested at all.

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No wonder Ross became aware that Days Gone 2 was uninterested: Ross describes the mood in the development: “It was pretty clear that we shouldn’t be talking about Days Gone, even though While we were working on the pitch (for a sequel) worked out and developed it. “They were interested in almost everything except Days Gone 2,” says Ross.

Instead, the team apparently threw another idea across the room: “What I suggested was, ‘Open-world resistance would be awesome.’ All these open-world loops we’ve come across. As Resistance almost wrote itself, there are too many aspects of the title that fit open-world gameplay,” Ross said, “but he wasn’t interested.”

It seems that during this time the ideas did not have a complete success. Although neither of them gave such reasons for their departure at the time, both Jeff Ross and John Garvin from Days Gone did in December 2020. sony left studio, seems less surprising given these frustrating project phases.

This week on Twitter, Jeff Ross talked again about hoping for a chance to make Days Gone even better in a sequel, and some fans in the community seem to confirm that:

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However, his statement has not only been met with approval but also with varying criticisms. One article says that as an AAA production you have a huge budget that has already flowed into the first part, so you should have done something better.

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