Activist captured Putin’s daughter’s villa – arrested

Activist captured Putin's daughter's villa - arrested

In Biarritz, France, the Ukrainian flag waved – from the balcony of one of Putin’s villas. Activists took over the property to provide shelter for the refugees. The proceedings ended with the arrest.

A French activist and comrade-in-arms on Monday captured Putin’s daughter’s villa in the French city of Biarritz to make it available for refugees. This is reported by “insider”. Pierre Hafner wrote on social media that the police had already arrested him.

He and some comrades broke into the villa of Putin’s youngest daughter, Katerina Vladimirovna Tikhonova, as “Insider” reports. They had changed the locks to hold the property for a longer period. In a video on social media, Hafner can be seen waving the Ukrainian flag on the balcony of the villa. According to him, the clip was even broadcast on Ukrainian television.

Hafner wants to offer refugee housing

Haffner changed the name of the villa to “Alta Mira” on Facebook. “This villa ‘Ukraine’ is in the heart of Biarritz, France,” wrote the worker, giving the public a detailed look at the interior of the villa. “Chandeliers, lampshades and other eccentricities in Putin’s palace in Biarritz,” wrote Hafner, posting photos of the sumptuous lamps and decorative objects.

According to the activist, the villa, which has a total of eight beds and three bathrooms, was intended to be made available for refugees from Putin’s regime, but above all for refugees from Ukraine. Around 20 people found shelter in the building.

“Police should protect the people, not the oligarchs”

But apparently nothing comes of it at first: as Hafner reports hours after his action, he and his accomplices are arrested by French police. This was opposed by his colleagues. One user wrote, “The police have to protect the people, not the elite.”

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Information that Putin is investing in real estate on the Atlantic coast was published in 1996 by politician Alexander Belyaev. Along with this there were allegations of corruption. However, Putin denied this, claiming that he did not even know where the Atlantic coast was. However, photos available to “Insider” show papers that suggest the villa is still owned by Putin’s former son-in-law, Kirill Shamalov.

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