The delivery driver does not want to be delivered to the Jews; France rejected him

The delivery driver does not want to be delivered to the Jews;  France rejected him

FFrench Interior Minister Gerald Dermain has announced the imminent expulsion of an Algerian who works as an envoy to an online delivery service To deliver Declined order for Jewish customers. Two kosher restaurants in Strasbourg were left with their dishes as the Deliveroo courier refused to serve Jewish customers. “Oh no, I don’t deliver to the Jews,” he said according to the two spouses.

The incident is on the evening of 7 January. The restaurant filed a complaint against the Deliverer company, rather than Deliverer. In the Lower Rhine, Israeli conspirators also filed complaints. “The Jewish Conservatives of the Lower Rhine consider it unbearable that natalists who work for Deliveroo dare to openly practice anti-Semitic discrimination,” said Maurice Dahan, president of the conscript. “We take this incident very seriously and have decided to conduct our own internal investigation immediately to clarify the circumstances,” online delivery service Deliveroo said in a release.

The Israeli ambassador to France traveled to Strasbourg to pledge his support for the two restaurant owners. A Strasbourg court sentenced Deliveroo Courier to four months without parole on Thursday afternoon in an urgent process. Interior Minister Dermanen said on Twitter: “I decided to expel the ‘food supplier’ who did not want to be distributed to Jewish customers.”

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