Data on the Biontech vaccine – South Africa version may violate vaccination protection – guide

Data on the Biontech vaccine - South Africa version may violate vaccination protection - guide

South African versions of coronovirus can clearly in some cases dissolve Biontech’s immunization protection. It stems from early Israeli figures.

Scientists at Tel Aviv University compared 400 people who were vaccinated and then tested positive for the virus with a large group of non-vaccinated infected people. According to the study, about 19 percent of all cases are screened in frequent vaccinations in South African variants.

“We found a disproportionately high rate of South African version in people who were vaccinated with a second dose compared to the non-vaccinated group. This means that the South African version may break the vaccine’s preservation to some extent, ”said Adi Stern of Tel Aviv University.

Researchers also indicated that the study only had a small sample of people infected with the South African version. Furthermore, no overall infection rate has been investigated.

“Even though the South African version breaks the vaccine’s safety, it does not spread widely among the population,” Stern said, adding that the British version could “block” the spread of the South African version.

Some earlier studies had already shown that vaccination protection against the B1351 variant was less robust than other variants of coronovirus, but was still sufficiently present.

High protective effect in the study

Recently there was positive news from Biontech: According to an ongoing phase III study, the vaccine 100 percent inhibits a critical illness course (hospitalization, intensive care, ventilation or death). The protective effect against the disease is more than 90 percent. The figures come from more than 12,000 vaccinated subjects who received their second vaccination six months ago. Interesting: There were also very good results from South Africa, where B1351 is the major virus version!

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