NASA wants to try helicopter flight again on Mars

NASA wants to try helicopter flight again on Mars

NASA canceled the first helicopter flight to Mars, which was planned for Sunday at short notice. It was stated that there were problems during a test of the rotors.

Tim Canham says, “The team is really excited and looking forward to the first flight. We have spent the last year planning, practicing and understanding what we need for the first flight.” “It takes about forty seconds from the time we land until we land. During this period, we feel safe for the first flight, given the energy the device possesses. And we make the first flight. Want that to be sure. “

In its first test flight, “Ingenuity”, which weighs about 1.8 kg, is expected to rise to a height of about three meters and then return to the surface of Mars. This will be the first flight of an aircraft on another planet. Now the helicopter could theoretically try to fly for another month.

The helicopter has to face extreme conditions. On Mars, it cools down to minus 90 degrees Celsius at night, the planet’s gravity is low, and the atmosphere is very thin.

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