Canadian musician Ainsley Black

Die aus Kanada stammende Komponistin Annesley Black (Amelia Kahn-Ackermann)

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For Ansel Black, composition means “dividing time and space”. (Amelia Kahan-Ackerman)

Ansley Black is one of the special talents within the new music scene. It seismically registers where there are discrepancies in our current lies and tries to find musical correspondence to these experiences.

Often his pieces are based on everyday experiences, so they can be both artificial and fun. However, Canadian-born musicians suppress the problems of our political and cultural environment.

In the particular way Annesley Black obeys things, they are not the things they are supposed to understand themselves, but rather what they mean to their own particular sensory system. She can not only see the trees, but can also hear them and not only suppress injustice, but also experience and suffer from it in all its harshness – and name it.

Poem of undivided perception

Above all, there are framed interpretive models and so-called “naturalities” that she works against her pieces by questioning current evaluation categories with musical instruments.

What he said about one of his pieces may apply to his music:
Ansley Black “in concert” (not only) with lively attacks on major perceptual practices.

Ainsley black
“Aorko” for viola and live electronics
Jessica cry, viola
Ainsley Black, Live-Electronic

“Moment – Curitiba – Preface” for flugelhorn, eufonium, violoncello, guitar, piano and drums
Let’s hear

“Scissors” for Trombone Solo
Andrew Digby, Posune

4238d bullion for piano and live electronics
Ri Nakamura, Clavier
Ainsley Black, Live-Electronic

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