After the provocation of the T-shirt: Frank Rosin breaks down his mission in Hesse

After the provocation of the T-shirt: Frank Rosin breaks down his mission in Hesse

Updated 10/13/2022 at 10:20 PM

  • Open the tap, turn off the tap at the “Rossin’s Restaurant” (Caballe Ains): for 36 years it has been bleak daily life at the “Gasthof Schutz” in Langones, Hesse.
  • A rescue mission that takes Frank Rosin to the extreme.
  • The starred chef cut his teeth on landowner Hartmut.

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The cobwebs on the ceiling, the dust and burnt holes in the upholstery, the dog hair on the carpet and the unhealthy yellow from the cigarette smoke on the wall: the “Gasthof Schutz” in Langgon, a few kilometers from Gessen, has seen better days.

The company has been in family hands for over 200 years. Unfortunately, current landlord Hartmut, who barricades himself behind the counter in the small guest room, quickly becomes overwhelmed by even the simplest tasks. Open the tap, stop the tap: This is how he sees his work. And that is the crux of the problem. The rescue would have to go through Hartmut’s wife, Verena. as far as planning frank rosin On his disaster prevention mission in Central Hesse.

“Rossin’s Restaurants” (Cabel Ains): Some restaurants with “Latin at the End”

She already suspects that a difficult task awaits her on Thursday’s episode of “Rossin’s Restaurants” (Cabel Ains). Flo, the sympathetic Austrian who has already done wonders small and big as a restorer, is utterly stunned at first. lots to do.

Only a few guests come to Hartmut and Verena’s pubs and restaurants, where you would really expect hearty home cooking such as bratwurst or Stramen Max. And they are served pizza and burgers. The cash register is also yawning. On bad days, sales are in the low double digits, on bad days even less.

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“It won’t work for long,” groans Veerena – even as she takes on the full load. “I’ve done.” She often stands for hours in the small kitchen, taking care of planning, shopping and finances. In the morning she works hard as a secretary to ensure the survival of both.

division of labor doesn’t work at all

He’s especially pleased that Frank Rossin wants to help (“I fell off an entire mountain range”). On the other hand, the star restaurateur knows that Veerena is actually part of the solution and not the problem. And yet Verena – in her own way – contributes to the fact that very little actually changes. Apparently he is quite generous with his mood. He is adept at only one discipline: abstaining from work!

“I’m the boss here in the dining room,” the man with the beard says proudly. What happens in the kitchen is of no use to him. He says! Of course it cannot stay like this. “You’re a terrible team,” Rosin scolds. The division of labor doesn’t work at all – and the uneven burden makes Veerena sick.

“Hartmut is a very unique person”

So let’s start with the Rosin series’ general machinery: their equipment experts take care of the careful modification of the guest room. Test eaters arrive – and seem very disappointed at first. You have to wait forever for your meal. And then it’s just the pizza-pasta-fries monotony. So: cooking lessons!

Operator couple Hartmut (center) and Verena ask Frank Rosin for help. But the star chef experiences great reluctance.

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With Verena we head first to a rented cooking studio – away from the chaos of Hartmut. Courses include authentic, hearty dishes, such as shredded meat, thanks to the new menu. Delicious – especially when the ingredients are fresh.

And back in the “Gasthof Schutz” the husband should also be trained – as a help in the kitchen. “Hartmut is a very unique person,” says Frank Rosin. “Now he has to show me that he really can change.” It’s just stupid that past beer taping experts are extremely clumsy. either on purpose. Or because he can’t really do it better. The season passes while Heartmutt peels the potatoes.

“You have no talent at all”

Over and over again he gets on your nerves with strange questions: “Which knife would you recommend?” Frank Rosin can only shake his head. And it seems that he is finding it difficult not only to get out.

“Come on, go ahead,” he scolds Hartmut. And then — after a few days, in which the restaurant’s rescuer molested the two of them and designed a new menu for the well-renovated dining room — there’s an outburst of anger indeed. In two volumes: once in a stronger Ruhrpot version by Frank Rosin. And then quietly and crushed by Hartmut.

He puts his fist in his pocket. But the fact remains: that buck. And that’s not really useful for his own business. “You have absolutely no talent for what you’re doing here,” Rosin said.

The T-shirt chosen by Hartmut for the final working day on behalf of Frank Rozin is a prophecy of mission failure. “Before you ask: no,” read one on his chest. A defiant declaration – and a complete denial. “I feel like someone is stepping on the brakes in the most extreme way,” Rosin says. After a while he breaks off his mission in desperation.

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t-shirt print finish frank rosin

“Your husband hasn’t been interested in your job for 30 years,” he reminds Verena one last time. “To me this is complete ignorance.” Then she too turns to stone – and takes the side of her husband, who has really missed out on his job.

“The T-shirt that Hartmut is wearing is definitely a kick in the ass,” Rosin can only sum up. He turns away from “Gasthof Schutz” with a heavy heart. But firmly believe that nothing will help if you don’t want to listen to him.

One can only wish Veerena to think again about this shocking lesson. When he finally finds time for it.
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