Age of Empires II + III definitive edition: new expansion + comprehensive update on outlook

Age of Empires II + III definitive edition: new expansion + comprehensive update on outlook

During a big fan preview event over the weekend, not only the New Age Empress IV was discussed. Definitive versions of the two predecessors already available have also been given fresh material.

The time is great for Age of Empire fans. Not only will the blocks of the Age of Empires IV begin almost, there will be renewed supply in advance for definite definitions of Age and Empires III of Age of II.

Rekel Entertainment confirmed it during a fan preview event during the weekend Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Received a second major expansion with “Duke of the Dukes”. It should appear in summer and takes you to Eastern Europe. New campaigns and waiting for you there; Details will be in proper syllabus.

The game will also receive cooperative historical battles later in the year. You will then be able to take up hand-picked and specific missions with friends.

On the morning of April 13, A. Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition A free update donation. It brings together American civilization, a new explorer and nine new units. A new hometown and aged mechanics are also included.

The update is free for a limited time for all those who successfully complete the 50 State Challenge. So you have to face three challenges a day to unlock civilization by completing the last challenge. Incidentally, the faction can also be purchased directly through Steam or the Windows Store for a fee.

In another add for this game, there will also be new African civilizations at a later date.

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Age of Empires II + III Fixed Edition – Definitive Collection Update Trailer

Fixed editions of Age II and III will be expanded and will receive extensive updates.

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