Aldi is launching a major voucher campaign: Multiple uses are also allowed

Aldi is launching a major voucher campaign: Multiple uses are also allowed

Aldi distributes vouchers to all its customers. However, consumers can redeem these only under one condition.

Dortmund – Inflation is a problem for many, as the prices of products are rising – as is the case discounters Aldi. But now the company is giving its customers a voucher which can be used to save money while shopping.

company Aldi
Establishment 1913
seat Essen (Aldi Nord), Mülheim an der Ruhr (Aldi Süd)

Aldi delivers vouchers under one condition and only to 140 branches

In the Aldi brochure for the week of July 18th to 24th, discounter customers can find many offers and voucher coupons.

Consumers who shop for as little as 30 euros can thus save five euros. While otherwise often only app owners pay less when they shop, this time around all customers can benefit from the savings campaign – provided they have a brochure at home.

Redeeming should be simple, as customers only need to “deduct the coupon and hand it over at checkout,” as the company itself explains. However, the 5-euro voucher cannot be redeemed at every Aldi branch, which is why customers must meet a certain condition (more service news on RUHR24).

Aldi distributes vouchers: Consumers can save at these branches

Although the brochures were kept in German branches, they are only valid in 140 Aldi stores in Italy. So customers should reach there by September 15, as vouchers can be redeemed by then. With this campaign, Aldi is looking to increase sales – particularly in the new Italian branches.

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There, customers can use a “per receipt” coupon, as the company reports. However, there will be no restriction on multiple usage for multiple purchases. With brochures to vouchers, Aldi is looking to attract German tourists especially to Italy.

Aldi distributes vouchers to its customers.

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Because in Italian there are only small print details on the coupons for the local cashier. Voucher campaigns can be useful to local customers, especially because of rising prices – just wondering how many people actually benefit from the coupons.

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