“Diet Rosti”? A McDonald’s customer opens a burger and can’t believe his eyes!

"Diet Rosti"?  A McDonald's customer opens a burger and can't believe his eyes!

“It’s a joke”

“Diet Rosti”? A McDonald’s customer opens a burger and can’t believe his eyes!

A McDonald’s customer couldn’t believe his eyes when he opened the burger! Photo: Nick Ansell/PA Wire/dpa

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So delicious McDonald’s burger as a small treat, and then that! When this customer opens the burger box, he… stares into space! Even McDonald’s can’t help but laugh.

Big Hash Browns with a Difference

Yes, yes, we know, everything is getting more expensive, prices are rising, we all have to save somewhere! But does it really have to be so harsh? McDonald’s customer Manu certainly isn’t thrilled with these savings, especially when it affects everyone! Because – when he opens the box for his well-deserved big roti, he only finds a dry roti! Uh, sorry, something’s wrong here, isn’t it? Yep, Manu thought so too, and shared the whole thing on Twitter with the question: “It’s a joke, isn’t it?” And a horrified: “Or does it look like the new Big Rosty?”

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Even McDonald’s has to laugh

Well, looks like something has gone terribly wrong here, after all, this burger is missing a lot of things! Sauce, burger patty, cheese, hash browns, not even the right lid for a single slice of bread. A real “diet burger” you can imagine.

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This colossal failure doesn’t go unnoticed for a long time, and even McDonald’s can’t help but laugh: “Our Big Rosty actually has more to offer,” they say with a smiley. Jokes with a smile. Manu can’t buy anything from him anymore, but still a good tip if your box should come home empty: According to McDonald’s, the team at the branch should be notified immediately, and in case of an emergency you can complain later online. Can site. All well and good, but that doesn’t make a new burger anymore!

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“A Big Bun Without Anything Please”

In any case, “Diet Rosty” contributes to the general amusement on Twitter. One of us writes: “Hey, that’s McPhantasy, isn’t it? Different tastes are different for everyone.” Maybe it helps if you imagine burgers? Another quip: “Diet hash browns.” Better hit it off”. And it goes on: “One big loaf of nothing please”.

Eventually, Manu can laugh about his non-existent burger and adds to himself: “I seriously looked in the bag again”. He couldn’t believe his eyes, looks like there was a burger in the first box, right? He also notes: “I tried the delivery service. Maybe someone was hungry too.” Sure, maybe it was the delivery service! Too poor a number to leave such a loaf of bread behind alone! Hopefully the next big rosti doesn’t turn out to be another big fail! (xls)

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