Allergy sufferers should not try sweets!

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Drugstore chain DM is recalling chocolate eggs to save allergy sufferers. Varieties can be mixed in the pack. You should pay attention to this.

For “preventive consumer protection” reasons, dm is recalling the product “dmBio Marzipan Chocolate Eggs, 125g”. It cannot be denied that some bags contain nougat eggs instead of marzipan eggs.

People with allergies be careful

This is especially relevant for allergy sufferers, since in this case the allergen labeling on the packaging is no longer accurate. people with one Allergies In no case should you consume chocolate eggs or have an intolerance to hazelnuts, milk products or soy.

A food allergy can manifest itself in many ways and can vary greatly between individuals. Symptoms may include swelling of the mucous membranes throughout the mouth and nose, nausea, or vomiting.

According to the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB), for example, in extreme cases, hazelnuts can trigger an allergic overdose, that is, anaphylaxis, in people with related allergies. This can be especially dangerous for children. Appropriate medicine should always be available.

These Chocolate Eggs Are Impressed

dmBio Marzipan Chocolate Eggs: People with allergies should not consume the product under any circumstances. (source: DM)

  • the product: dmBio Chocolate Marzipan Eggs, 125g

Item can be exchanged at all DM branches without receipt. For people without allergies, however, consumption is harmless.

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