Altenberg: Things are sporty in Barenstein

Altenberg: Things are sporty in Barenstein

Barenstein. things are sporty in

Festival Week will open on July 3. Apart from sports and cultural attractions, the organizers have come up with something special.

Thilo Mühle (right) and Matthias Naumann set fire to bears in all Altenberg districts.
© Egbert Kamprath

Preparations are in full swing in Bareilly. Because Sunday is the start of the festival week, whose motto is “You’ve already done gymnastics today”. Celebrated “150 Years of the Games in Barenstein”. So everyone was asked to decorate their property accordingly. Roland Richter and his neighbors have also gotten creative and created, for the motto, a gymnast on the horizontal bar. “There are already some skiers in town, we wanted to do something different,” he says. To implement his idea, he quickly converted a math teacher designed for the 800th anniversary. “We thought that if you can do math, you can ski too,” says the pensioner and laughs. said and done. In a massive action, he launched the gymnast and horizontal bar one morning, including the perfect outfit.

Along with his neighbors, Roland Richter built a gymnast on the horizontal bar.

Along with his neighbors, Roland Richter built a gymnast on the horizontal bar.
© Egbert Kamprath

But not only in the village, but also in the fairgrounds in Litengrund. A big tent is being set up. But the tentmaker went to the wrong Barrenstein. But that doesn’t matter to the organizers on Thursday morning, although everything should be set up in the evening, because that’s when the women’s sports group comes to decorate. Thilo Mühle and Mathias Naumann from TSV Berenstein are both on site and pulling wires. “We’re all still pretty comfortable,” says Thilo Muhle.

Both are part of the organizational team, consisting of twelve people. They have been planning the festival for a total of three years and have put a lot of effort into putting together a well-rounded event – ​​one that is club friendly and highlights cultural and sporting events. The festive week will begin at 4 pm with a grand program for the alumni, active members and guests. This is followed by the evening program. “Everyone is invited,” says the club’s deputy head, Mathias Naumann. “We are also lighting the bear fire that should have been burning all week. But Gazprom canceled our contracts,” joked Matthias Naumann and Thilo Mühle.

At the district festival in Barenstein in 1908, about 200 athletes performed in front of the castle.

At the district festival in Barenstein in 1908, about 200 athletes performed in front of the castle.
© TSV Barenstein

Throughout the week, the different departments of TSV Brenstein will introduce themselves with sporting activities and offers for children, adults and families. Kids can collect gold coins, at the end they get a small prize for it.

True to the festival’s motto “You’ve already done gymnastics today”, the club has also come up with something special. At 2 p.m. on 10 July, a historic event is to become reality again: at least 200 gymnasts, in short white trousers and a white T-shirt if possible, are to gather at the festival grounds in Leitengrund. Such as in 1908 at the 17th Gauternfest, where about 200 athletes from Mugglitztal performed gymnastics in Barenstein on the grass field in front of the palace.

To organize the other Altenberg districts as well, the Barensteiners presented a symbolic bear fire to each local mayor. “Sports groups are asked to bring bear fire and recreate the picture with as many people as possible at 2 pm,” explains Mathias Naumann. “White pants aren’t necessary, a white T-shirt would be nice,” says Thilo Muhle.

live lectures “Triathlon 360 Degrees – The Limit Is Only Me” Around the World on July 6 from Jonas Deichmann about his triathlon in 430 days.

Familycross DeluxeOn July 9, mud ran for the whole family. apart from this TrailDeluxe, a trail running in and around Barenstein at varying distances. The longest round is over 30 km on Geisingberg and through the alley of the Altenberg bobsled track.

The sporting event is Sunday 10 July at 2 p.m. gymnast throat on the festival grounds. Performance of Famous from 3 pm “Zwinger Trios” With Tom Pauls. Band will play from 6 pm “Dietmar and Friends”,

By the way: For all events there is the possibility to spend the night in your tent or mobile home on our festival grounds.

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