“Always hated anyway”: TV star Katerina Jacob partnered with Ballast of her life

"Always hated anyway": TV star Katerina Jacob partnered with Ballast of her life

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“Always hated anyway”: TV star Katerina Jacob partnered with Ballast of her life

Actress Katerina Jacob is happy with her husband in their adopted home Canada.

Munich / Berlin – Actress Katerina Jacob (62, “Der Bull von Tolz”) sees himself in an age in which a person loves half-baked things.

Actress Katerina Jacob L (62) smiles in her daughter’s garden in Starburg. © Ursula Duren / DPA

“We’ve completely shrunk – gone, gone with all the big things,” said Yakub In an interview with the German press agency about his living conditions in Canada.

Born in Munich, she lives there with her German-Canadian husband for years.

The TV star explained: “I don’t need great clothes or jewelry anymore. I don’t even have to wear clothes on the red carpet anymore, which I always hated anyway.”

Today she neither wears high heels nor uses make-up. She does not constantly eat salmon or meat, but rather tries to grow something in the garden.

The actress is excited about human interaction in her adopted home in Canada.

In a scene from Anna (Katerina Jacob) and her roommate Mr. Kurtz (Ernst Stausner) "Ana and her logger: every start is difficult" (Undated photo).

Anna (Katerina Jacob) and her roommate Mr. Kurtz (Ernst Stausner) in a scene from “Anna and Her Weeds: Every Start is Hard” (undated recording). © Guido Engels / ARD Daghetto / DPA

“In search of each other – Canadians are ahead of us,” Jacob said in an interview to the German press agency.

“For example, neighborhood help is very important. An old woman is helped across the street and her bag is taken home.”

Canadians are generally far more polite, said the Bavarian TV star, who also has Canadian citizenship – “they wear masks without murmuring.”

The North American state simply has more community sentiment – perhaps because it is a country of immigration, expressed the natives of Munich.

After a long period of restraint from television, the 62-year-old can be seen as a young youngster “Comedy and its subordinates – all starts are tough” at 8:15 pm on Friday at Das Erste.

In favor of Ernst Stausner (ZDF- “Ostfrieslandkrimis”), Jacob plays a Cologne woman who learns how to take early retirement for herself and others under the direction of Grimm Prize winner Ralph Huettner.

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