America: 100 degree difference in temperature – Canada froze, Argentina sweat!

America: 100 degree difference in temperature - Canada froze, Argentina sweat!


13 January 2022 – 8:52 am Watch

by Emily von Krudener

With a difference of 100 degrees in temperature, the American continent may shine this week as well. Heat wave is prevailing in Argentina, while the temperature in Canada is as low as -52 degree Celsius.

A severe heat wave is blowing in Argentina – power outage in Buenos Aires

RTL meteorologist Martin Pescher assesses the situation in Argentina as follows: “Argentina is facing a severe heat wave. At present, the temperature here has reached 43 degrees. And this is not the end of it. In the next few days, it will be even hotter and the maximum temperature will be 45 degrees or more. Even the record breaking of 48.9 degrees of heat cannot be ruled out completely.”

700,000 people in a large area of ​​Buenos Aires suffered the heat without air conditioning: the electricity had failed. According to media reports, the reason for the power outage was a fire in a power line outside Buenos Aires. Network operators had previously reported high levels of electricity demand. Many people turned on their air conditioners because of the heat. In Buenos Aires, the temperature was measured around 39 degrees in the afternoon.

The polar vortex hasn’t been running smoothly for weeks – especially in the United States and Canada,

high temperature in antarctica

The previous record was 10.1 °C on 21 January 1999.

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Extreme temperatures in Argentina broke another record as a tragic side effect: at the polar station Belgrano II, the southernmost of 13 Argentine research stations in the Antarctic, a thermometer showed 11.4 °C. This is the highest temperature since recording began. This clearly surpassed the previous record of 10.1 °C of January 21, 1999.

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-52 degrees in Canada

And so it goes to the frozen northern part of the American continent, icy Canada: Rabbit Kettle Hot Springs at the station measured -52.8 degrees. This value is only slightly behind the Northwest regions record of -54.7 degrees from March 2017 at Mold Bay on Prince Patrick’s Island.

More information about the current weather in Canada

cold to very low degree

There are currently other locations below -30 degrees from Nunavut to Ontario and Quebec, including places south of the 50th parallel such as Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario (47.7 degrees north latitude) or Val d’Or in Quebec. ( at 48.1 degrees north latitude).

Also this year starts with severe weather.

So 2022 continues with extreme weather events. In early 2021, which is considered the fifth warmest year on record, it caused many worrying highs and several natural disasters.

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