An angry Finn blows up Tesla’s S over 20,000 euro battery bill

An angry Finn blows up Tesla’s S over 20,000 euro battery bill

Ascension with 30 kilograms of dynamite

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If the battery doesn’t work anymore, it gets really expensive. Fin Tumas Catanan preferred to blow up his old Tesla rather than pay 20,000 euros for repairs.

The cost of replacing the batteries in Tuomas Katainen’s Tesla S should be 20,000 euros. Finn was so annoyed by this that he turned to the group “Pommijatkat” – Explosives. Together they attached about 30 kilograms of dynamite to the Tesla and blew it up in front of the camera. Also on board: a figure of Tesla founder Elon Musk.

The action is absurd, but not unique. A few years ago a frustrated Russian lifted his Mercedes SUV into the air from a helicopter and dropped it on the ground.

expensive exchange

Apart from the funny videos, the background of the action is serious. Tesla vehicles are slowly reaching the age at which parts of the battery system fail. As a rule, in the event of such a malfunction the car stops working. Tesla workshops only offer complete replacement of the system – at exorbitant prices. The Electrek website reports that a Tesla owner in the United States should pay $22,500 to have a battery replaced at a Tesla service center. In an independent workshop, the defective part was replaced for only $5,000.

In the video Tuomas Katainen explains his problem with a used car from 2013: “When I bought the Tesla, the first 1500 kilometers were good, so far it was an excellent car. When the error code came up, I decided to get a tow truck. Ordered my car in the workshop, the car was in the Tesla dealer’s workshop for a month and finally I got a call that they can’t do anything except replace the whole battery cell for my car, the cost will be at least 20,000 euros. And you have to get permission from Tesla to do it. So I told them I was going to blow up the whole car because obviously there was no guarantee or anything like that.”

In fact, Tesla offers a comprehensive guarantee on the battery, but only if capacity is below 70 percent for eight years or a mileage of 150,000 miles or 240,000 kilometers. After that, it usually becomes costly because certified workshops only replace the system. Given the age of the vehicles, this means a total economic loss. The same dilemma can be faced with full-size combustion engines: If the engine fails, installing a new eight-cylinder is usually not worthwhile. Here you can switch to cheaper replacement machines, which is not possible with batteries.

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