Ana-Maria Ferrucci: Your baby bump almost breaks your shirt

Ana-Maria Ferrucci: Your baby bump almost breaks your shirt

Her stomach soon begins to burst, but Ana-Maria Ferrucci takes on her curves with humor – and presents her XXXL ball with a triple.

it can’t be longer Anna-Maria Ferrucci (39) and husband bushido (43) Soon we will be able to welcome all three. after all he is quadruple mother now in ninth month. Singer’s sister accepts the fact that her baby bump is getting bigger and bigger Sarah Connor (41) But prefers to show her curves with humor and in social network channels. Now he has shared a new picture in his Instagram story, which will blow your senses after seeing it.

In the video above, fans got to see an adorable family photo of Anna-Maria Ferrucci and Bushido just before the birth!

Buttons almost pop off: Anna-Maria Ferrucci posts a photo from the locker room

In the photo you can see Anna-Maria in the changing room — she’s shopping for some clothes for her triplets — and the shirt she’s wearing really shows off her round baby bump. And not only that: her top with buttons almost seems to burst, but Bushido’s wife comments very dryly on the snapshot: “The shirt barely tightens.”

“I love it”: In the video below, she was overjoyed and showed off her XXL baby bump.

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Pregnant women at ease? are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Bushido and Anna-Maria’s kids keep her busy

But anyone who now believes that the 39-year-old is completely comfortable waiting to be born is wrong. After all, the couple has four other kids who want to be entertained, especially during the autumn break. Elia (9), twins Gabriel and Laila (8) and Issa (6) give them little time to breathe and are constantly on the lookout for something to do.

Makeup alarm: Anna-Maria Ferrucci’s daughters want to look like mom

With a snapshot in which Anna-Maria looks broken into the camera, as well as the words “Vacation, Juhuu” it was announced on October 11. Yes, the baddies keep the couple pretty busy. But their daughters have already found a good pastime.

He Quickly take your mother’s makeup utensilsAfter all, they want to look like their mother. Once the three babies are born, the siblings will certainly have new tasks to do—and help mom and dad.

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