The successful show generates a lot of excitement in a new episode

The successful show generates a lot of excitement in a new episode

After the twelfth episode of “7 Versus Wild,” fans celebrate Otto — but there’s excitement, too. Image: Fritz Meineke/YouTube


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Warning, there are spoilers for the twelfth episode of “7 vs. Wild”! So if you haven’t seen the episode yet, be careful.

The “7 vs. Wild” contestants are doing well in season two – so far only Nova has taken an early defeat. However, at the end of the twelfth episode, the next exit is announced. However, this scene will be resolved only on Saturday evening in the next issue. This causes a lot of frustration on the social network. Though “7 Vs Wild” very often ends with a cliffhanger, this time the makers have taken it to the extreme.

“7 vs. Wild” with a bad cliffhanger

Nosy is one of the fan favorites of this season. With no experience to survive, the Twitch streamer does surprisingly well and never loses his sense of humor. After episode twelve, worry is in order. At night, a 36-year-old reports on the journey of a wild boar.

“How are you going to sleep now?” He talks to the camera, clearly tired. Toothache also bothers them. After actually saying goodbye, he turns on the camera again and talks about the confusion.

The final scene then simply shows the phone ringing on a “7 vs. Wild” premise. Obviously someone pressed the button and wants to be picked up from the island. Since it comes immediately after Nosy’s section, the assumption is that he is throwing in the towel. The series may be taking viewers down the wrong path at this point.

Feather Twitter are some fan Sour at least once after this cliffhanger. falls on, among other things social media The predicate “disrespectful”.

“7 vs. Wild” Fans Have a Theory

Of course, speculations are also rife as to who might be out now. Many believe it is Sasha, because: “You can hear him in one scene.”

What’s special: At less than 59 minutes long, the episode is significantly shorter than previous episodes of the season. With the exception of the prologue (“Suspension”), the one-hour mark has always been easily exceeded up to this point. Episode two also made it to show length.

Otto celebrates in “7 Versus Wild”.

In any case, the chances of an exit from Otto are slim. 39 year old masters it Life Almost Sovereign in the Wild, which once again receives praise from fans after the current episode. It is said that the crocodiles are probably afraid of him and not the other way around. This time a user writes:

“Huge respect to Otto for letting all the alligators escape without harm.”

Elsewhere it says: “Otto feels as if he is on vacation.” While strong mood swings can be seen in most of the other participants, Otto is still calm and balanced even after several days.

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