How will the year 2022 be for the people of Taurus? Your Yearly Horoscope from Astrologer Lori Haberkorn

How will the year 2022 be for the people of Taurus?  Your Yearly Horoscope from Astrologer Lori Haberkorn


December 30, 2021 – 10:28 am Watch

What can Taurus expect in 2022?

There are definitely some changes in the new year for the persistence-loving Taurus. Star astrologer Lori Haberkorn knows exactly what these are: She specializes in modern spirituality and neuroscience, aside from dusty esoteric clichés. As an Astro Coach, Book Writer (“Golden Magic of the Moon”*) and mentor, she advises a wide variety of clients around the world – from family to celebrities and international companies. In the video annual horoscope, she explains what Taurus can expect in 2022 in terms of love, work and health!

Taurus Horoscope: These Are the Distinctive Characteristics

Taurus, which is an earth sign, places great emphasis on security and reliability. You think practically, determined, driven and very determined, which is sometimes expressed in stubbornness. As a rule, bulls are peaceful gourmets, especially when it comes to food. However, if you tease a Taurus too much, you run the risk of losing your temper.

Family is very important to people born under the sign of Taurus. In a partnership, Taurus are loyal and loyal, but sometimes possessive. For her, sexuality also plays a major role in relationships. Stress and busyness are thorns in their side. The conservative Taurus often finds it difficult to make changes. (RKA)

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Monthly and Weekly Horoscope 2022

Do you want to know what the stars are saying on a regular basis? Our monthly horoscope And Weekly Horoscope Keep you up to date!

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All Yearly Horoscope 2022

Here you can see what the year 2022 has brought for all the other zodiac signs:

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