Angela Merkel warns against seeing a rival in Europe

Angela Merkel warns against seeing a rival in Europe
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“Very dangerous” – warns Merkel against seeing a rival in Europe

Chancellor Merkel discusses the future of Europe with students

The Chancellor speaks to ten European students from different EU member states on the topic of “Europe’s role in the world”. See full discussion here.

Chancellor Merkel considers it dangerous to recognize Europe as the enemy in the face of domestic political difficulties. He cited Brexit as an example in an interview with students. She also revealed when she felt abandoned as head of government.

bUnder-Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has warned against the creation of enemy images in Europe. “It’s no good if you can’t get home to see the enemy or the enemy in Europe,” Merkel said on Monday during an online discussion with students from different European countries. It was “very dangerous”, the chancellor said.

“If you do that, people in the end don’t speak well of Europe”, criticized the chancellor.

Even in Great Britain, Europe was badly discussed for years before Brexit. But the bureaucracy is created by the member states. Everyone who sits in the Brussels administration comes from somewhere.

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Merkel also expressed her understanding that Eastern European countries like Poland want to bring their ideas to the European Union.

These states expected “their sensitivities to be given even greater consideration,” the chancellor said. They didn’t want to “just move to a finished house”.

Merkel felt left out

Merkel also criticized the fact that some countries had not asked how Greece was doing during the refugee crisis. Large numbers of refugees had arrived, “and Greece alone could not have done this,” the chancellor insisted.

He simply said: “If Germany wants refugees, it must take them.”

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But it was not so, rather Germany did not want to leave Greece alone. “Then I felt a little disappointed,” admitted the chancellor. Hungary, for example, said it would not accept a single refugee.

In the digital event, the Chancellor interacted with the students for one and a half hours and listened to their concerns and needs. Among other things, it was about the situations that the students of the Erasmus program have to face.

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