The airplane cabin is suddenly underwater

The airplane cabin is suddenly underwater


June 16, 2022 – 7:49 pm watch

For the passengers, it was probably a moment of shock above the clouds: in the air, several thousand meters above the ground, a sudden drop of water falls from the plane’s roof. This is exactly what is happening on a British Airways flight London Later Washington DC happened. The pictures are in the video.

Airbus A380: crew members try to stop the water

According to information received from “Sun”, the crew members tried to stop the flow of water. They spread towels and blankets on the floor and around emergency exits. The water would have completely soaked the clothes of the crew members. According to the Sun, the passengers were taken to the dry area of ​​the plane.

Despite the best efforts of the crew, water from one of the tanks continued to flow non-stop. Hundreds of liters of liquid reportedly flowed out towards the end of twelve hour flight By Airbus A380.

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“British Airways”: Airbus A380 . Faulty valve cause of flood in

According to the airline, the safety of the passengers was never compromised. So a faulty valve was the trigger for the flood. A British Airways spokesperson told The Sun: “Although there were never any safety issues, the wet area was quickly isolated and flights continued as planned.” (JMU)

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