Vatican: Pope Surprise – Politics

Vatican: Pope Surprise - Politics

Rome on Easter – In general time this is probably the best weekend of the year. Spring is finally here, temperatures are mild, trees bloom, restaurants are fully booked by the sea. The city is left for tourists and pilgrims to celebrate the Vatican’s rich program of events, with the same ritual in a suggestive setting.

So now for the second time everything is different. Rome is the “orange zone”, restaurants are closed. And the Catholic Church had to reduce its program again. A year ago, when Francis rainy stood alone on St. Peter’s Square and prayed for the end of the epidemic, the picture had gone around the world, it was so unusual – as a symbol, as a symbol. Since then you have got used to empty spaces.

The Pope made a surprise appearance on Thursday with an extra-scheduled appointment in Maundy, which was nowhere to be found and that’s exactly why there is so much to talk about. In the morning they celebrated the traditional Charismatic Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica: 200 bishops, women religious and priests were invited, rituals with oils were canceled. In the afternoon, the Italian Cardinal Giovanni Battista Ray, Dean of the Purple Bearers, took over the gathering to commemorate Jesus’ final feast. It was already special, even though it had been known for a week: as the Pope usually goes through this mass, it always has been.

A “paternal gesture” by the Pope caused a sensation

There was no explanation, and so it was wondered whether Francis would be allowed a break in the festive marathon. Pope is 84 years old, after all, and he has often suffered from back pain in recent times. Well, far from it, the Pope had another appointment at the same time, a few hundred meters away: in the private chapel of the Palazzo of the Vatican. Francis recently visited the disgraced Sardinian Cardinal Angelo BCU and had a mass celebration with him while everyone outside wondered where he was. Beans, who looks after the home of Bcicus, and some initiates were also invited.

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It is said that it was a very warm and emotional encounter, says a brother, Beescius. Apparently he was given permission to speak about it. Is rehabilitation pending? Last September 24, Francis removed high prevalence, then to the Pregnancy of Canonization, in an almost unprecedented work. Sudden and difficult. He is suspected to have been involved in a mysterious € 500 million deal with a luxury property in London during his time as an option at the State Secretariat from 2011 to 2018. And he may have benefitted his three biological brothers from the Vatican with money and orders.

Bisiku lost his office and authority, but kept the apartment in Palazzo. When the mass became public in a private setting, the Vatican announced that it was a “father’s gesture” by the pope regarding Easter mercy. Of Corriere della Serra The appointment is called “sensational”. Stefano Maria Paik, the well-known Vetinist of Italian television, began her contribution to the meeting: “It happened on April 1, but it was not an April Fool’s joke.”

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