Anti-vaccination: Experts demand confidence in science – Hü

Anti-vaccination: Experts demand confidence in science - Hü

January 22, 2021 at 8:16 pm

Health and medical experts have identified vaccines as one of the greatest achievements in the fight against Kovid-19. But the number of people who refuse vaccination has increased as the epidemic has progressed, even though vaccination may prevent the spread of highly infectious viruses.

Some resistance to vaccines stems directly from mistrust of science. In relation to mRNA vaccines, it is rumored in the plot scene that data or messages can be sent to the human brain via mRNA vaccines and thus influence thinking and action. The famous columnist of Islam, Abdurrahman Dilipak, is one of those who see vaccines as a potential health hazard and make unfounded claims that challenge the discoveries made by scientists.

Unstable conspiracy theorists are booming around the world

Turkey vaccinated more than one million people in the first week of its nationwide introduction Kovid-19 vaccination. “When we evaluate vaccines for potential risk, mRNA and Synovac are the most dangerous. Both vaccines can be life-threatening if evaluated in general,” claimed Dileepak, the first thing This is to be sure. Kovid-19 is a flu-type virus or “biological warfare agent” produced in a laboratory. “MRNA is not a vaccine. It is the first time being used as a vaccine. Regardless of what message or data you upload to ‘m’ in mRNA, ‘messenger’ will upload it to the body,” Dileepak claimed. And asked who would take responsibility if the “message” was corrupted or the other “message” was uploaded the way it was.

However, members of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Health stated that the allegations were unproven conspiracy theories. The Science Committee urged citizens to trust science as an anti-world movement, which is spreading across the world, including Turkey, based on various motivations and causes. Board member Mehmat Sehan said, “If any desired message can be sent to the cell using mRNA, many types of cancer will be cured and eradicated.” “The mRNA vaccine can be found in the cell’s cytoplasm, not the nucleus. Since it cannot enter the nucleus, there is no question that it can be found in the human genome,” Serpent Simsek Yavuz, another board member. . Yavuz also urged those who jumped on these conspiracy theories to hear the voices of real experts. Another board member, Yishim Yasova, rejected all kinds of conspiracy theories, saying that a vaccine intentionally designed to cause harm is not in the scientific literature. According to a study by Ipsos earlier this year, about 45 percent of society said they would consider vaccination, while 24 percent were against it.

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